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Teachery Theme for Designers
Perfect for designers, developers, and anyone looking to create a bold, modern, and future-focused brand experience.
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Teachery Theme for Artists
Perfect for artists, makers, creatives, and anyone looking to create a playful, inspired, and approachable course or membership experience.
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Teachery Theme for Instructors
Perfect for yoga instructors, dance instructors, fitness professionals, wellness creators, and anyone looking to create a colorful, confident, and unique brand experience.
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Teachery Theme for Influencers
Perfect for stylists, lifestyle influencers, interior designers, beauty experts, or anyone looking to create a sleek, sophisticated, and refined brand experience.
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Teachery Theme for Content Creators
Perfect for productivity creators, digital planners, YouTubers, and other content creators who want to sell digital products, as well as anyone looking to create a calm, clean, and minimal brand experience.
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We give you a simple yet powerful course container. Your creativity is the magic that brings it to life.

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"I knew Teachery was “The One” when I discovered how crazy extensive the customization options were. As a designer, having full creative freedom and control over the visual aesthetic of my courses and digital products is a non-negotiable. I’ve had so much fun creating beautiful Teachery themes for my own business, and for other course creators, and I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of Teachery’s potential!"
Kim WhiteTeachery Theme Designer
"I've tried many different online course platforms and none of them felt as fun to use as Teachery. The ability to customize and personalize the look and feel of my courses has been incredible for my creativity! The result? Thousands of happy students and over a million dollars in online course sales thanks to the magic of Teachery!"
Michelle RohrSay Yes To Desire
"I’ve been using Teachery since 2019 and I don’t think I’ll ever leave. Teachery is affordable, easy to use for both me and my course students, support is SUPER responsive whenever you need help, and it works with all the tools you could want it to. Teachery has simplified course creating and makes it easy for me to make money from my digital products."
Eman IsmailDesign Your VIP Day
"Teachery is perfect for me because it manages to be both exceptionally flexible and really simple to use. I can easily host a whole range of content from videos to technical weaving files, and I can lay it out exactly as I want so that it supports my students through the flow of a workshop. The elegant design also makes it easy to give my courses a coherent, polished look - as an artist and maker, the details really matter to me!"
Cally BookerUnderstand Double Weave on 8 Shafts
"I was on the fence to buy Teachery, but it was honestly the best decision I made in my business. I launched my course and had some students that asked to be affiliates, and the fact that Teachery offers all this integration made things so much easier. Plus, it's super fun. In Teachery, you can customise it and add your magical touch!"
Leticia AmericoPassive Income Academy with Notion
"I moved from another platform to Teachery because of how my classes could visually look! I teach art and I wanted my classes to reflect that aesthetic. It was a delight to be able to build a beautiful brand that had my membership excited to dive into everything and made it easier to find the content. Since moving to Teachery, I've increased my membership by 50% and I owe that to the ease of making the courses as well as how artsy the brand feels."
Consie SindetThe Creative Playground

But why do you need a beautifully branded course?

Your brand experience is your opportunity to connect with your students and customers.

More and more online courses are being created every day, yet more and more apps are begging for your students' attention. Creating a custom, immersive course experience that looks nothing like your competitors' courses over on Big Course Company™️ gives you a huge marketing advantage.
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beautiful courses right out of the box!

Start with a theme.
Customize it to your brand.
Add your course content.

Made for online creators who care about simplicity and customization

Customize your course with the style editor

Teachery offers templates and features that let you customize your course's main access portal, course lessons, landing pages, and payment pages to match your existing website and branding. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can adjust your brand colors, add brand graphics, and have a course up and selling in no-time!

Add videos, text, images and embed widgets

When it comes to your lesson content, we're here to give you the freedom you need while keeping things engaging and oh-so-learnable for your students. Our super-friendly text editor plays nice with any language, and you can add as many content sections as you like with video, images, audio files, slideshows, forms, and more to spice up those lessons!

Organize your content with course hubs

Course Hubs are an easy way to create a school, dashboard, or collection of Courses or Themes to display and market your content to customers. You can group courses and products into categories, or even offer a bundle for someone to quickly buy every course in your Hub.

Tools to help you sell your beautiful course

A beautiful course experience is one thing, but you need features that will help you sell your course to your audience, right? Don’t worry, we have everything you need to sell your course.
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payment pages
landing pages
course hubs
promo codes
email integration
stripe integration
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what makes teachery different?

Less corporatey, more creative

Is "corporatey" a word? No. But you get what we mean, right? Those Big Course Company™️ folks focus so much effort on adding bells and whistles that they lose the heart of what creative entrepreneurs love: making a special experience for their audience that matches their unique teaching style. Here are some other ways our small-but-mighty approach makes us stand out from other platforms.
We treat people like humans.
We believe all people deserve respect, and we treat our customers as we want to be treated.
Made for creators, by creators.
We use Teachery to build and sell our own courses so we’re constantly focused on crafting the best course experience possible.
Rave reviews about customer service.
We intentionally keep Teachery’s customer base at a size where we, the founders, can respond to every customer support request.
We make courses about llama shaving.
Okay, we don't actually know how to shave llamas, but you may have noticed we like to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.
"Signing up for Teachery was a no-brainer! I love the Landing Pages for every course; they are set up to save me tons of time when I launch something new. Teachery made it possible to offer hubs, freebies, online courses, and 30-day challenges!"
Ali Hooten30-Day Creative Adventurer Challenge
"I adore Teachery! I can create really branded experiences now that I’ve branched out into offering courses and digital products and mentoring packages. I love being able to use Teachery in so many different ways - from creating courses, housing my digital products, and hosting my client welcome packs, to being able to push Teachery beyond its typical use and creating themes for link in bio pages, affiliate hubs and more."
"I love using Teachery because it allows me to bring my courses to another level. They don’t look so clinical and boring anymore, instead they can look beautiful and I can let my creativity take over… but I don’t only use it for courses, I have created a membership site, a few hubs and websites. Teachery is versatile, easy to use and the support we get is amazing!"
Tissy GuillouAlliance des Créatrices d'Entreprise
I absolutely love Teachery because it is easy to use and gives me the flexibility of EASY, beautiful and intuitive design. I am a watercolor artist/instructor who loves to be creative so the standard stuffy presentation for courses and hubs that look exactly the same over and over is not for me. This platform is fun and functional for my watercolor art membership, courses and more!
Erika BarrigaThe Playful Painter Studio
"Teachery quite literally changed how I do business. As a super multi-passionate graphic designer, I wanted to able to control how things looked, as well as have as many courses as I wanted. Teachery does all of that for me… and comes with the best support around."
Allie TrumpowerScrapbooker & Book Designer
"Investing in Teachery and building online courses has been the best decision for my creative business. As a teaching artist I needed a way to reach students worldwide, and creating online art courses has expanded my reach and income tremendously. Teachery is easy to use (for myself and my students), and the level of customization that I can achieve to make my courses unique and fun makes Teachery top notch!"
Dani IvesPainting with Wool: Essentials to Mastery