Why do online courses look so boring?

It's always the same copy/paste video players and lesson lists, maybe a custom logo or brand color or two, but nothing special that leaves an impression on your customer.

And you want to leave an impression on your customer, right?

What about lusciously rounded corners? 😍

Sexy branded graphics and lesson images? 💃

Or adding your own custom CSS because you’re a freakin’ wizard who can do such amazing things!?

That's why we created Teachery. We wanted to give you the ability to wow your customers with a course design that matches the rest of your brand from top to bottom.

When you create a branded course experience for your customer...

  • 🤝 You earn their trust by showing them you care about their experience.
  • 🧠 You make your course memorable, which leads to more recommendations.
  • 😍 You make your course visually appealing, which makes it easier to market and promote.
  • 🌟 You feel proud to share your course because it looks freaking kickass.

These four things add up to more sales, happier customers, and a thriving business for you as an online creator.

Your course should be as unique and creative as you are.

Want to see our goodies? (No, not those goodies, don’t be gross.) We mean our online course Themes that can give your one-of-a-kind course an epic head start.

Here are some working demos, not just fancy screenshots. Just pick a Theme, then change your colors, fonts, and custom images to create a course that's uniquely your own. Our Themes are built specifically for...

content creators


Teachery Theme for Designers
Perfect for designers, developers, and anyone looking to create a bold, modern, and future-focused brand experience.
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Teachery Theme for Artists
Perfect for artists, makers, creatives, and anyone looking to create a playful, inspired, and approachable course or membership experience.
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Teachery Theme for Instructors
Perfect for yoga instructors, dance instructors, fitness professionals, wellness creators, and anyone looking to create a colorful, confident, and unique brand experience.
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Teachery Theme for Influencers
Perfect for stylists, lifestyle influencers, interior designers, beauty experts, or anyone looking to create a sleek, sophisticated, and refined brand experience.
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Teachery Theme for Content Creators
Perfect for productivity creators, digital planners, YouTubers, and other content creators who want to sell digital products, as well as anyone looking to create a calm, clean, and minimal brand experience.
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Here's something you should know about us:

We love leaving money on the table if it means you get a better experience.

We could charge you extra for each course you make.

We could charge you for having a ton of customers.

Heck, we probably should charge for our free custom domain and SSL service. 😬

But, we don’t charge you extra for any of those things and we certainly don’t take any transaction fees.

We have two extremely affordable plans ($49/month or $470/year), and the Private Investigator we hired to check out other course platforms tells us we’re charging a very reasonable price.

Okay, fine, you caught us. We didn’t actually hire a P.I. Instead we just signed up for free trials of other platforms and found all the hidden things they want to charge you for.

You won't find a hidden upgrade inside Teachery. We just don’t do it.

Other course platforms will have more features than we do.

That's just the truth. (And we like the truth around here!)

But just because you can pile a bunch of toppings on a cinnamon roll doesn’t mean you should, right?!

WTF do cinnamon rolls have to do with your online course?? Well, we here at Teachery take cinnamon rolls very seriously. And yes, before you ask, we have tried the tangzhong method and it does yield fantastic results (the rolls have a lovely bounce to them, while creating a nice chewy texture).

The point is, your online course platform doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to help you generate a great living from creating and selling beautiful online courses.

We know the sooner you can get your course up and running, the sooner you can get paid. That's why we've made a platform that is simple, easy to use, with the most important core features you need to make money.

Just like a cinnamon rolls only gets worse with anything you add atop your cream cheese frosting. (Fine, you can add some lemon zest, but that’s it.)

You’re creative.
We’re creative.
Let’s get married already.

Obviously not actually married. *nervous laugh*

Well, hold on… If we marry you, do we get citizenship in an obscure country with loose tax laws? JUST KIDDING, WE TOTALLY PAY TAXES. (It's a joke, okay. You'll notice we like those around here.)

Let’s get business married!

Let’s walk down the aisle together as customers around the world thrown their money at you and we help put that money into your bank account.

Let’s grow old together, reminiscing about the simpler times on the Internet when we were building websites on Geocities and a page counter at the bottom of your website told people how cool you were (or weren’t, in the case of our DragonBall Z blog we had back in ’96 that only 143 people ever visited).

We both have to put in effort for this marriage to work. We can’t build your course for you, just like you can’t force us to unload the dishwasher from the bottom up. (It makes so much more sense to slide out the top drawer first and unload it and we’ll take that to our graves!)

What the heck are you waiting for? Kick our tires already!

You get 2 weeks for free with our trial. No limitations, no credit card required, heck, you could even start selling your course before you have to pay us.

We double-dog-dare-you to try!

So… til death do us part, or what?

One layout, infinite possibilities.